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Emergency Animal Services in Hialeah, Florida

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Fixing Broken Bones

It’s never easy to see your pets in pain and distress, especially from a serious injury like a fractured bone. Bone fractures can make it difficult for your pet to walk and play, and the pain may make them irritable or depressed.

Our on-site doctors take X-rays, diagnose breaks, set fractured bones, and put casts on your pet so they can begin the healing process. Our doctors are dedicated to giving your pets the best care so that they can get back to playing and keeping you company as soon as possible.

If you notice that your pet is favoring one leg over another or doesn’t want to walk at all, contact us or swing by during our business hours for a quick and easy checkup. We will work with you to get your pet back to their old, joyful self.

Treating Poison

Have you ever returned home only to find the rat poison that you set out is gone, and your dog looks ill? We know how distressing it can feel to discover that your pet has ingested poisonous chemicals such as cleaners, solvents, or pest control materials. If you suspect your pet has eaten something toxic, you can call our clinic for our emergency services and get the answers you need to help your animal.

You can also bring your animal into the clinic for immediate emergency treatment for poison ingestion to help your animal recover as quickly as possible. You can count on our experienced doctors and caring staff to treat your pet and help them return to health.

Helping Your Best Friend Get Better Fast

It can be scary when your pet suddenly becomes sick, but you can feel at ease with Panda Animal Clinic’s emergency services.

Whether your animal is experiencing trouble breathing, is choking, has severe vomiting, is struggling to deliver young, or is showing obvious signs of pain and anxiety, our emergency services – including surgery, radiology, and more – are available until 10 p.m. We are ready to address even the most serious needs.

We see emergencies as a priority during normal business hours and are dedicated to helping your pet get back to health.

Contact us at 305-887-1018 if your pet needs immediate care or if you have any questions about our emergency services.